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The inspiration for my soul images gave me my own development. For many years fear and panic were my constant "companions" and I had to learn, what my SOUL wanted to tell me. Life with all its facets, seeking and finding the inner peace, the tearing down of our own inner boundaries that we have built ourselves in the mistaken belief that we have to adapt or bend to be accepted by society and to meet their expectations correspond. Disappointments that can be so painful in the beginning that we are tempted to shut ourselves up.


I want to show that beauty is not defined by the expectations of others, I want to tell everyone:




you are already perfect, darling.

trust your inner voice.

do not be afraid of your strength.

you can feel it.

B e l i e v e .

let everybody see the beauty


of the colours of your SOUL.



During my process, the first emotionally charged image was "born" and the feedback on it, as well as the fact that I was "outing" on facebook, was both- wonderful and depressing at the same time!


Now I want to encourage other women to stand by and accept themselves as they are, I want to achieve more openness and honesty, especially in terms of fears and insecurities due to false shame!


It is important to me that as many as possible talk about fears being no longer a taboo topic and that they come out of the negatively classified "psycho-corner": NOBODY chooses an anxiety disorder, just as someone does not care for burnout, gastric ulcer or migraine attacks. decides, only that is socially "accepted".  There is not "the one way" that frees you, but what have helped I like to continue, at least as a possibility.


According to an international study, anxiety disorders are more common than depression.


REASON ENOUGH, in my opinion, to stand by and, ideally, help others!


The more people dare to say: "I know that too", or "I know someone who...", the more obvious it will become and mre people can be helped and hopefully at least one thing will end soon: the shame of "having something like that"! ...


For you: Life presents you tasks and challenges: to find your own way, to say yes to yourself with all your imperfect perfection. Define your own goal and walk patiently but steadfastly, no matter what others say, set yourself free!


To accept yourself in love, tenderly and lovingly, just as you do with those whom you love, even in times when you doubt. To trust that your soul has a plan, even if you recognize it later. You do not have to hide anymore, because you are not alone, but still avoid comparing yourself to others, there is you and your way only once, you are unique.


Strip your uncertainty like a cocoon, open up to your life and show yourself. Show you with all the beautiful different colors of your soul - you are already everything! When you listen into yourself you find unconditional love, passion and your strength - make peace with yourself, dear.


Believe in yourself, be proud, no one knows the path that lies behind you and never forget to tell yourself:


"I AM HERE! This is me!"



...even prominent, strong woman who really inspire me, which story & personality deeply touches me, who also had to find their way after various tests of life, are already part of the series and there will be more to follow!!!


To avoid misunderstandings: no one whom I paint in my series must have personally had to deal with anxiety! These wonderful women are united, that they had to overcome hurdles in life and find their way, to learn to stand by themselves.

My deepest gratitude therefore goes to those who were immediately ready to assist me from the beginning to make this taboo subject socially acceptable.


I´m looking forward to reaching even more people with their support,

and encouraging others!


the process of painting:

"LIGHT of your SOUL"

sold | in Privatbesitz

Photo Credits: M. Hartmann

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